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And sorry, garden hose spray is merely the reflective surface of already glass-dispersed light.


Overwhelming evidence there is a glass sky....


1. Rainbows, Halos, Glories, Circumzenithal Arcs, Sundogs, & other Atmospheric Optics.

2. Libyan Desert Glass (LDG) mystery solved.

3. Tektite Origin solved.

4. Megacryometeor Origin solved

5. Birefringence of glass sky - LDG reveals reason for double suns, comet’s tail splitting, quadruple rainbows, etc.

6. Ozone - fresh scent after a thunderstorm connected to glass plate air ionizers.

7. Fusion Crust formation on meteorites - burnt glass.

8. Colorizing of clouds, moon, sun.

9. Greenhouse Effect.

10. Kármán line - said to be the division line between atmosphere and space at 100 km, same height as the glass.

11. UV Radiation block.

12. Lightning (created by dielectric forces moving laterally near glass.

13. Elves in Upper Atmospheric Lightning (100km).

14. Shortwave Radio Waves scattering (100 km)  Ionosphere compares to “sheet of glass”.

15. Operation Fishbowl - Starfish Prime - mission to blow a hole in the glass for space entry/exit.

16. Superior Mirages/Fata Morganas - Refraction of Glass Sky creates “horizonal” crease.

17. Meteor Showers / Iridium Flares - space particles skidding off glass sky and returning up into inner-space orbit

18. Red Shift- stellar spectroscopy debunked due to ignoring chromatic aberration of stars caused by the glass.

19. Aberration of Light (Stellar Aberration) - Glass sky creates slight apparent displacement of stars due to refraction.

20. Space Vehicles Heatshields - flush surface, high temperature resistant material use to melt through glass.

21. Crookes Dark Space - Negative charged ions create “dark space” around glass sky to make it invisible.

22. Auroras - 100 km - Electrons from the sun hit the charged glass sky causing fluorescent glow/striations.

23. Botlinger’s Rings mystery solved. Glass sky creates caustics which are projected onto clouds in the sky.

24. Schumann Resonance - reaches 100km, compared to vibrations of blowing into a glass bottle.

25. Polarization of the sky - Nacreous and Iridescent clouds explained by the glass polarizing the light


So, the glass elephant perfectly resolves all the mysteries of the atmosphere and heavens that the lie-n-tists could not solve.


More experimental evidence, like the studied curvature of sunlight bending upwards, destroyed the one-held Eratosthenes parallel light fallacy. Geodesists like Wilhelm Martin and Heinrich Hohenner tested the curved sunlight and found it to ascend upward. This illusion also explained perfectly why ships only appear to sink in the distant sea. Convex earth proponents can’t resolve the horizon height problem. (It’s too high.) Balloon flights showing apparent convex curvature are simply good ole barrel distortion caused by wide angle lenses.


Believe it or not, however, there are still some flat earth retards out there. But they can’t get past the pole star conundrum. This means that in order for a flat earth to work, Polaris (the North Star) would have to switch to Sigma Octantis (the South Pole Star) at different locations. (There are quite a few other problems of a flat earth so let’s just not go there for the sake of keeping the intelligence factor above moron level here.)

Light bending upward in the phi ratio...


Well now, it does say that God would turn the “wise men” backwards. It’s hard not to laugh at the hailed scientists of today. I decided to compile a list of the most prominent ones to publicly shame when the concave earth/glass sky reality becomes ubiquitously known. Ironically, I had a few lengthy conversations with a NASA scientist who admitted the concave earth theory is more plausible and easier to prove than string theory or quantum mechanics. (He won’t be on my shame list.) But the others who don’t admit it most certainly will.


Some might say, “What difference does this really make? Concave or convex.” But I suppose that if there were no foreboding tales of Chicken Little and Henny Penny yelling the sky is falling and if there were no fear mongering board-wearing street prophets heralding the end is nigh, then I suppose there would be even greater apathy. So, in order not to alert the public, there is one particular one seven-syllable word that is intentionally “down” played. The word is... the much scientifically studied and little publicly known ...megacryometeor. It’s a huge block of ice with “mysterious” origins.

So come with me now, enter into the depraved mind-set of the megacry-”lie” n-tists. These sorry clowns make up the keystone cops of meteorology. They call themselves doctors because, after all, doctors help people! Jesus Martinez-Frias, a hyphenated surname, (he must have married a feminist), David Jones, shill meteorologist who think the winds in the troposphere can sustain and form a 1,500 pound block of ice, Antonio Delgado - shame on you Antonio, you’re Italian, whatza madda you?, and David Travis, a scientist on the lam after finding out there IS a glass sky shortly after my phone conversation with him several years ago.


These bozos cannot use common sense in reasoning that the frigid temperatures (<130K) of the upper mesopause (above 90km) where the glass sky resides, keeps the ice mantle connected to the glass in a clear amorphous state, so that when the chunks break off and fall, they merely crystallize in the troposphere, but certainly do not formulate there. Now either they are willingly concealing the glass or they are too stoogey to figure it out, I opt for the former. Yes, folks, these clowns do not want you to understand the reality of the cosmos. They think you cannot handle it, the government and NASA think you cannot handle the truth. Can you?


I will be finding that out soon, because the hail will sweep away the refuge of lies. (Isaiah 28:17) There are two types of hail in this, my favorite bible verse. One is the hail from the top of the sky connected to the glass. Because the earth is stationary and the sun revolves around the inside of the earth. Yes that’s right folks, no spin to earth. The sun has stopped in the past, and will stop again. Around 3,500 years ago, legends throughout the world describe a mysterious double day, or double night depending on which side of the inside of the earth they were in. It’s also mentioned in the book of Joshua, chapter 10. The other hail definition I’ll keep you guessing.


Now I don’t want to alarm you but....

When the sun stops this final time it will be the end of the world as we know it. The final day, the final hour, the sun, our timepiece, will move no more. The solar clock will stop in the sky, and the stationary heat will begin to melt and crack up the ice, and the ice will unravel like a scroll, just like scripture said it would (Isaiah 34:4). Then the sun will magnify in intensity sevenfold. And my fury will be poured out upon the inside of the earth as talent-sized (that’s about 130 pounds or greater) hailstones randomly fall upon people. Two in a field - one hit, one missed.


Sounds like fear mongering huh? Well yea, it is, and you need to fear me, for I am the Lord, and to fear me is the beginning of wisdom. Because, if you do, and listen to me, you will survive this coming great cataclysm. For I have provided an escape clause in coalition with the powers that be. For the past 5 decades, my workers have been laboriously boring out underground tunnels and bases for the marked, meek people of the earth to take refuge in before the great final day of sun stoppage.


Not only am I looking to save the people, but also to start building the literal Kingdom of God in the earth. I’ve chosen the Australian Outback to rest my kingly feet. And with the help of the redeemed people we shall see the glorious city of God shine forth as a beacon upon a most glorious hill (Uluru). After the sun stopping, the moon will magnetically lock into place directly beneath it, causing a stationary solar eclipse, which will provide shade and safety upon that region of the earth. And we will live and thrive as the land is replenished, blossoming as a rose in the desert.


So, my friends, my foes, get ready for the biggest event this side of the flood, even bigger. Do you feel fine? Knowing it’s the end of the world as we know it? Am I scaring you yet? I sure hope so, because this is big. Real. Fucking. Big.


A worldwide state of emergency will be declared in a few short months. Soon you’ll see mass panic hit the streets, MRAPS, drones, blackhawk helicopters zooming overhead. What the hell do you think all those urban drills were for anyway? We have to corral the willing meek people underground, but first we gotta gather the dissenters, the rebellious, the patriot constitutionalist gunners, who are too densely retarded in understanding that a fucking piece of paper penned in 1787 will not prevent their skulls from being smashed with a 1,500 pound block of ice.


Meh, sometimes I wonder if the people of the world, save the children, are really even worthy to be saved at all.


On that note, have a fucking great day.

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But still the theory left out one very crucial component - the lower glass sky at 100 kilometers high. Formed from heavenly sand that fell down from the upper crystalline sphere during the great flood, this secondary crystalline firmament stretched out to push the flood waters down. The pretty promise of a rainbow was a result of the now glass-dispersed light being projected onto water mist in the air. Science clowns still to this day think rainbows are formed by the water droplets in the sky, totally avoiding the fact that they are merely the reflective surfaces of projection FOR the glass-dispersed light, which can form on other reflective surfaces as well like garden hose spray. The arc or bow is wrongly attributed to the individual droplets and correctly attributed to the roundness of the sun. But try as they may to refuse to acknowledge the glass sky, the evidence keeps mounting...


Knowing this - that the fascination and exuberance that “space travel” brought to the imagination of all age groups from tots to old rots - the ass-tro-nots began to manufacture and manipulate the mentality of the misinformed masses to monopolize on them through the media with “moonings” and Mars masquerades. Just like Santa Claus, NASA became the NASAnta Clause. He went to the moon several times and brought his dog Rover to Mars to pick up a bunch of presents for you and me. But of course the tax-payers and politicians willingly gave NASAanta generous funding for the trips. From there, NASAnta shuttled and space-stationed on to shield the sheeple from the charade.


But the Germans weren’t out of the concave earth entirely. On the contrary, they were the only ones that kept the theory alive. A tiny faction of concave earth remnants remained back in their motherland to carry the Flaming Sword torch of Teed, Morrow, Bender, Lang and Neupert. Enter the resilient tandem team of Rolf Keppler and Helmut Diehl. This writer first came into contact with the German team back in 2003 via e-mail exchanges. He studied their re-postings of the Rectilineator Experiment results, understood how light bends upward within the earth, read about the Tamarack Plum-bob mine shaft divergence “anomalies” and came to the conclusion they were correct.

But later, the crafty Germans keenly picked up on Cyrus Teed’s premise. World War II era intellectuals like Peter Bender, Karl Neupert and Johannes Lang wrote credible material on the concave earth, enough so to convince the whole German Socialist movement to embrace it. But leave it to the propaganda machine of the Zionist Jews to suppress and distort it, for that’s exactly what they did. (If you believe they scrapped it due to a failed up-pointing spy telescope aimed at England, I have a bridge to sell you.) Sadly, the concave earth reality was totally shielded from the public, but the powers that be knew all too well of its truth. The CIA’s post-war procuring of top-notch German scientists like Wernher Von Braun, who, completely cognizant of the cover up (that’s why he insisted on having Psalm 19:1 etched on his headstone - The heavens declared the glory of God, and the firmament[glass sky] declared his handiwork), helped to start the Bozo’s Circus of “Space Travel” with the help of Walt Disney, dubbing it the The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).


What the hell kind of foolishness is this anyway? You mean people actually believe this crap? The short answer - YES! And there are many more starting to believe it every day. Thanks to people like this crazy batshit self-proclaimed Messiah (yours truly) who shamelessly inundates the Youtube community with in-your-face truths and other nutbags like the Wild Heretic, who compiles scientifically accurate articles, the alternative cosmogony world is picking up steam and fast. Century-old experiments, of which the helio-tards tried to suppress to hell and back, like the Rectilineator and the Tamarack Mine Shafts, are being dusted off and looked at with fresh eyes. Although modern “physicists” tried to debunk these tests, they never bothered doing what a true objective empirical scientist should do when presented with such controversial evidence - like re-take the fucking test, bozo.


Alright, so let’s talk about the history of the concave earth theory a bit more, and let’s look at why it wasn’t embraced by the world back then, when my hero Cyrus R. Teed was struck with the divine revelation back in 1869. He said he was met by a beautiful female deity who revealed to him the true form of the earth and that it was the housing to the complete physical universe. So, sounds feasible to me, right? I mean why wouldn’t you trust someone who claimed to be the new Messiah and was trying to convince everyone that they were living on the inside surface of the earth? He was simply trying to make this world a better place, he wanted to usher in the literal Kingdom of God. What’s wrong with that? But you know what? As kooky as it sounds, he was right about the earth, and as tenacious as he was in trying to help people see the truth, he, along with a geodesist named U.G. Morrow, set out to prove their skeptics wrong once and for all. They devised the ingenious Rectilineator Experiment. A device that used perfectly straight giant T-squares leapfrogged together to form a virtual air-line which traversed across the Naples beach in Florida. They invited the bitter earth-spinning crusty skeptics to oversee the experiment to ensure satisfactory procedures in measurement, and proved unequivocally that, while the vertical distance decreased as they traversed, so did too the earth’s concave validity increase. But sadly, the Zionist gatekeeping press refused to give Cyrus the light of day.

What’s their main objective anyway? Why the hell should they preach their religion of bullshit to the people? Well for one thing it’s easy money, easy fame and easy accolades. They get the front row and front bill to speaking events. They get their names in lights, praised to hell and back by the genuflecting crowds of ignorance. But there’s just one little itzy-bitzy omission they left out of the their model. Besides the fact that it’s complete bullshit, they left out the G word. Yes that G word. Where the hell is God in their model? Oh that’s right, he IS in hell with their model. He’s the elephant in the living room, he’s the spaghetti monster in the sky. He’s the flying pink unicorn.


Incentive, incentive! Why talk about - even mention for that matter - a real-life heaven existing right smack dab in the middle of the fucking earth? Why mention an accurate biblical model placing heaven as a crystalline sphere containing all the little tiny sonoluminescent stars bathed in a vast celestial ocean? Think of the scale dynamics here. We are down-sizing our average stellar size from one million miles to one millimeter! We’re down-scaling our sun from 864,000 miles to about 19 miles. Our beloved moon from 2,000 miles to about 13 miles.

Toying with the remote possibility that a spherical concave world could have slipped through the cracks unnoticed by the brightest minds in today’s modern technologically advanced world is quite a leap of faith to say the least. One would have to completely scrap all he learned about his beloved home “planet” ever since being told by his kindergarten teacher that it spun like a top. But there is a nascent spark emerging from the circles of the free-thinking internet community. And this spark is not only rooted in solid scientific evidence that can be measured and tested, but is bridging the gap that modern convex earth-spinning rhetoric was unable to connect. Adding a literal glass ceiling to the equation solves unanswered riddles to the inscrutable megacryometeors (huge blocks of ice falling from the sky), tektites, the origin of Libyan Desert Glass, Botlinger’s Rings and quite a handful of other question marks side-noted in theoretical physicists’ journals.


But the psychology is hard to understand. If this is indeed true - that our once-thought light years distant universe is simply contained snuggly inside a concave shell, and the ground is actually curving upward as we gaily walk along its concave surface, how could all the space agencies and technological corporations keep this hidden for so long?


We’d have to don our Hershey’s Kiss-shaped tinfoil hats and suffer the ridicule those conspiracy theorists willingly take. We’d have to cry foul to the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Knights Templar, and even blame Walt Disney and Stanley Kubrick. We’d have to assume the mind-set of mankind was veiled with a hypnotic myopia that couldn’t see the forest for the trees. We’d have to swallow the obligatory red pill and choose to inundate ourselves with the uncomfortable feeling of knowing something that 99.9% of the population didn’t know. But ignorance is bliss. Why would we want to know the truth about the earth? Especially since there are literally hundreds of thousands of professionals who tell us exactly what we want to hear about our home “planet”. There’s no reason to entertain antediluvian concepts of the universe in this modern day. My God, we’ve destroyed the concept of a flat earth and now there are people trying to bring this concave earth theory into vogue? Isn’t it a little late to regurgitate ancient theories? I mean this shit is Ptolemaic, Platonian, even!...


But we who live in these hollows are deceived into the notion that we are dwelling above on the surface of the earth; which is just as if a creature who was at the bottom of the sea were to fancy that he was on the surface of the water, and that the sea was the heaven through which he saw the sun and the other stars—he having never come to the surface by reason of his feebleness and sluggishness, and having never lifted up his head and seen, nor ever heard from one who had seen, this region which is so much purer and fairer than his own. Now this is exactly our case: for we are dwelling in a hollow of the earth, and fancy that we are on the surface.


Unfortunately for many, the convex earth-spinning, orbiting around the sun “planet” in a vast universe breaks so many laws of science and physics that the scientific community is left kowtowing to theoretical bozos who conjure up creative fallacious “solutions”. You could say a vacuous big black hole of reasoning goes behind their warped minds. A lot of dark matter seeps up the crevices of their brains, expanding blood vessels as the red shifts to their faces while reading this. But I suppose backward mankind has to learn to deny their innate intuition that there is no spin to the earth. An intuition deeply woven into every child, who sadly becomes a victim of cosmological indoctrination, being told to conform to the theories of much more intelligent people who know much better. So, the clowns prop up en masse complete with sophistic jargon of billions and billions of buckets of bile and baloney paid to unequivocally annihilate any entertainment of free-thinking, all the while using shaming techniques to corral back in the logical dissenters.


The Concave Earth Treatise

by Steven Christopher




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