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In the late 1800’s and early 1900s, Cyrus Teed had the correct version of the cosmos……..

There exists a layer of glass within the concave earth, about 62 miles high……This tangible boundary between earth and space is called the Kármán Line by international astronomers, however they refuse to admit it’s tangible.

This is how ocean tides work. Earth is like one big pressurized container. The moon and sun circuit the inside of earth and relieve pressure to the area of land that is underneath them causing water to rise. It has nothing to do with the supposed “gravitational pull” of the moon, it’s just simple physics of pressure.

The Octahedronal Heaven - The Foundation of Earth.

"Our core heart is found in the octahedron as an expression of self-love and compassion."

“The octahedron is the symbol for our heart. Thus, the metaphor is: "Heaven and earth join to form heart."

The ordinances of heaven take dominion in the earth. Job 38:33

The sun orbits inside on an oscillating cylindrical path, which completes 1 circuit daily as it ascends and descends oscillating to the extreme tropic regions back and forth every 6 months.

Pyramidal fusion - Source of Light "Let there be Light"…..

Part of my Divine Deception I played on humanity (Maya), and the dance (Lila). The universe is inverted and all space, stars, galaxies, Sun, Moon are tiny and INSIDE the Earth, which is hollow and shell-like.

Why did you buy their bullshit? Who dumbed you down into thinking this? How can you not see just how unnatural and ridiculous it would be for the Moon to complete one full “rotation” on it’s own “axis” at EXACTLY the same time it took to complete it’s “orbit around the earth”? Oh how they laugh at you! And most amateur astronomers will defend their position passionately and vehemently! Oh the foolish pride of man!

These are the facts....

Earth does not spin. (Sagnac Experiment, Aiery’s failure, Michelson-Morley Experiemnt, Focault Pendulum is a hoax. Common-sense.)

The Moon does not spin. But since they tell you that the Earth spins, they have to explain why we only see one side of the Moon, and a non-spinning Moon in their story would have us seeing “all sides” of it as it “orbited around the earth”. Thus they create this unnatural explanation of “tidal locking”, which “explains” it for you!? Isn’t it rather too coincidental that we only see one side of the Moon. They have to conjure up some stupid, ridiculous explanation that the Moon rotates perfectly in synch with Earth's "rotation". The Moon is magnetically fixed in a static position not to rotate.


The entire universe is inside out and very tiny. It all fits inside the earth. All the stars, planets, sun and moon, all the galaxies are minuscule and are inside the earth……

Psa 8:2 Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.

Isa 2:17 And the loftiness of man shall be bowed down, and the haughtiness of men shall be made low: and the LORD alone shall be exalted in that day.

Actual Sight vs. Perceived Sight

Geodesy Applied to Earth Measurement


Geodesy is the application of mechanical and other means for the purpose of determining measurements of the earth's surface, including not only that of its general contour as to whether it is concave, flat, or convex, but also of demonstrating the amount of curvation at any given point and in any given direction.


The Copernican system of astronomy assumes that the earth's surface is convex, and upon this assumption the fallacious system has been fabricated. No astronomer has ever yet presented any proof of the Copernican system; and one of the persistent efforts of the modern physicist is to find some irrefragable proof of what every so called astronomical scientist knows to be merely an assumption.


Our knowledge of the figure of the earth is only obtained by indirect means.--Astronomer Ball.


The geodetic operations carried on during the last century and a half for the purpose of determining the figure and dimensions of the earth have, up to this time, led to no satisfactory results.






They have been performed by the most eminent astronomers, with the most perfect instruments, and it would seem that they ought to have led to a final solution of the problem; such, however, is by no means the case. Every new measure of a meridian arc has but added, and adds, to the existing doubts and want of concordance, nay, to the positive contradiction which the various operations exhibit, as compared with one another.--Von Schubert.


The Koreshan System of Astronomy is in direct opposition to the Copernican system, and unlike the Copernican system it is founded, not upon an assumption, but rather upon a premise so absolutely within the sphere of mechanical demonstration as to place it beyond and out of the uncertainty of mere postulation, which we assert to be the basis of so called modern science.


Cyrus Teed

Don’t be duped by the stupid camera trick NASA fooled the world with.  Please be smarter than that!

Fishy-Eyed NASA Fraud EXPOSED!

Curvature of Earth Illusion

Operation Paperclip: Tavistock/CIA brought Post WWII Nazi Scientists over to the U.S. to found the NASA Program. These Nazi scientists discovered the fact that the sky has a glass ceiling, and understood the earth was concave and the entire universe was tiny, fitting inside earth, based on Cyrus Teed’s suppressed promulgation.

Glass Sky Causes Atmospheric Refraction (Cell Earth)

The mind that conceived the Copernican system, arising in the dark ages, was so simple as to take an appearance for a fact, and to deduce a theory which better thinkers of more modern times would very soon dispose of were it not for the fact that they will not take time to think.


We have shown by repeated illustrations that the convex theory cannot be true; but the astronomers and scientists, with their inconceivable bigotry, having gone crazy through the hallucinations of mediæval times, must lose their reputations as scientific men (and their bread and butter also) if they permit the world to be set right with regard to questions upon which they have built up for themselves names, and, through this, are honored as great lights and educators of the people.


If any man with brains, having facts at his command, will give two hours' candid and unbiased thought to the investigation of this subject, with the application of the principles of foreshortening as set forth in the literature of the Koreshan Unity,

he will be convinced of the truth of the Cellular Cosmogony and of the utter absurdity of the so called Copernican hallucination.


We are told that we do not exhibit the spirit and principle of the Christ, regarding the so called scientists, when we resort to language sometimes seen in THE FLAMING SWORD. What difference does it make whether we say, as did the Lord, "fools and blind," blind fools, blind idiots, or blind bigots and idiots. He told the truth, because it was the best way to exasperate people and set them thinking.


Koreshanity has the truth, but the present humanity (steeped in tobacco, rum, and sensualism) prefers to meet the truth of Koreshanity with ridicule rather than to give it candid consideration. But as ridicule is always the strongest argument, and the one that usually has the greatest weight with the non-thinking mind, it is not surprising that the so called scientist usually takes refuge behind it when meeting a rational force that otherwise is irresistible.


Cyrus Teed

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It is the inability to capitulate to the fabricated nature of man (denial) that inhibits his understanding of the glass sky, because the concept of a

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glass sky appears like a fabrication. only the Creator can rightly assess this conclusion, because he has fabricated mankind.

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Psalm 18:11 He made darkness his secret place;
his pavilion round about him were DARK WATERS and thick clouds.

Modern cosmologists will soon wear the mantle of shame for believing stupidity.

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