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The foundations of earth as described sometimes in the bible means quite simply, the foundation on which the earth rests. The foundation, therefore is in heaven. It is a geometrical structure, with measures like courses of brick, with a corner stone.…


Job 38

Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.

Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it?

Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof;

When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

Who is Joe Parr and what scientific breakthrough did he discover in relation to the pyramid and it's spherical electrically charged energy bubble that surrounds it?  And how is this spherical energy bubble similar to the shell of earth, which surrounds heaven?

And, could there actually be more than one energy bubble.....a bubble within a bubble, where an expanse, a vacuum is created (inner-space)..


the inner bubble rotates and wobbles slightly to the same degree that the earth supposedly wobbles????





“Further analysis determined that the classic “phi” ratio was very important to these energy fields as well, again showing a clear connection to torsion fields. Parr found that a form of “virtual” clock would begin counting at the time that the pyramid was first set in a certain position. This means that once the pyramid was placed in a fixed spot, the orb surrounding the pyramid would gradually become stronger and stronger in its ability to contain the energy fields inside, and the rate of growth for the energy bubble was directly proportional to “phi”. At certain mathematically-defined points in this “phi” cycle, the bubble will expand and contract in size, outside of the effect caused by the moon. This suggests a slow, long-term harmonic “wobble” in the energy field, reverberating like a gong in synchrony with the phi-proportions of the instreaming torsion waves.”  - David Wilcock


And, within this chamber of earth, which houses the entire universe, could there not be prevalent ubiquitously sonar vibration, reverberating throughout, causing “sonarluminescence” to form tiny stars, which expand and collapse over time just like in the video below, especially in light of another 3rd bubble, the glass one, created after the flood of Noah's time?

The Inscrutable Origin of Tektites

The reason why you don’t hear much about tektites is because conventional science is actually rather embarrassed for the fact that they cannot seem to make up their mind as to it’s origin. Hmmmmm.

One camp says from space (extra-terrestrial) and the other says from the ground (terrestrial). Yet there are gaping holes in both scenarios. They have no cosmic ray exposure thus invalidating the space provenance supposition, and they are found in “strewn fields”, in certain parts of the world such as Australia, which have no meteor craters nearby, which leads the skewed mind to assume that the tektites were formed by very remote meteor craters (at least 500 km away) and by obsidian rock beneath the ground, which further leads one to erroneously conjecture that the meteorite was extremely hot - enough to liquefy obsidian glass deep within the ground and also to have enough force to propel this hypothetically molten obsidian glass hundreds of miles away from the impact crater.  This hypothesis is extremely ridiculous for the fact that meteorites are already fairly cooled before they hit the ground due to their velocity passing through the air, aside from the silly notion that it just sounds like a bad clay-mation movie.

There is only one answer. There is glass in the sky.

NASA knows it, Russia knows it and the powers that be know it. When is it time for you to know it too?  Don’t get caught with egg on your face.

Let's discuss comets. If you have an understanding of the dispersion of different colors of light through a glass lens with a fairly high index of refraction, the image plane creates a flare, a lens flare, which separates the blues from the reds. Comets bear this striking similarity -a separation of the colors in streaks of light, like a lens flare! Where could the glass be however that filters the sunlight and projects it onto the image plane of space? Now I want you to understand a thing call BIREFRINGEANCE. Birefringence is the splitting of a light ray at different polarizing angles into two directions as it passes through certain quartz(silicon dioxide) mediums. Well, it just so happens to be the case that the Libyan Desert Glass (remnants of a shattered glass sky ceiling) has “weak birefringence”” to it!. So not only does this birefringence cause the comet tail splitting but at certain polarization angles during a rainbow formulation, you will see a “weak” secondary rainbow! ` And why would the tail of this aberration curve? The answer is very simple. The entire universe is tiny and inverted, existing within the hollow encasement we know as earth. All life is on the inside and there is a glass layer above our heads that was formed during the global deluge over 4,400 years ago when many molecules of silica descended from heaven (along with the water) and fused together in the ionosphere. Hence when the sun, which is very small relative to earth and orbits within the earth, is at the correct angle and it's glass-filtered light shines upon a small floating artifact that cyclically and consistently orbits in the same pattern within the inner space (what we erroneously call "outer space" ) say every 75 years, the image plane projects the dispersion of light into the different color temperatures - the blue side having a higher index of refraction the the red side. The tail is also curved because we realize that within the inverted world light is always bending around to reach the other side. This correct analysis destroys all of the erroneous deductions of science ever since Newton and Haley. Sorry.

Comets and the Chromatic Aberration of the "Scientific" Mind.

Q: What about satellites? Wouldn’t they crash through the glass?
A: I tend to believe most satellites are fictitious, and instead telecommunications like GPS are established by cell towers beaming microwaves up to the glass sky and then reflecting back down to the ground.
(See here) If there are any satellites at all, they did not melt through the glass entering into space, but making tiny little holes in a 7800 mile wide bubble aint gonna bring it down, and most of the shards that break of would go INTO space and not down to earth. On the return of the Space Shuttle, it melts through the glass sky, probably over the ocean, where any shards would fall harmlessly into the water. There’s also a lot of space junk floating around in the glass bubble up there ...i.e. satellite nose cones, etc.


This is an appeal to true scientists with empirical ability, material resources and a desire to solve the so-called "mystery" of two geodetic experiments conducted at the turn of the 20th century that  have shaken the faulty foundations of the so-called spinning convex model of Earth.

The Tamarack Mine Shaft Plumb Bob divergence and the Rectilineator Geodetic Survey were conduct in 1901 and 1897 respectively and with utmost precision. Both tests proved the surface of the earth is concave and the center of gravity is 4,000 up not down.

To my knowledge there have been no similar tests since. The question I have is "why not?" This alone, to me, is a tacit admittance of the veracity of these two experiments.

Something this monumental, that overturned the entire Copernican convex model of earth, mustn't be swept under the rug by the conventional scientific community. Yet, It has. Even the information at the time was intentionally suppressed.

I ask that both these tests be conducted again, without cheating, and that the results be publicized worldwide, without suppression of the factual data they produce.

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Tamarack Mine Shaft Plumb Bob “Mystery”

That’s About the Size of It! :)

Long Distance Photo of New York    

This article was reproduced from Rolf Keppler’s site on the Geocosmos (Inverted Earth)

The following text comes from the magazine 'Progress for All' (Fortschritt für alle; Schlossweg 2 D-90537 Feucht Germany) and the magazine 'Geocosmos' (Geokosmos), issue 11/12, December 1963.  (Same article in both magazines).

The photo shown is taken from the "Foto-Magazin" No. 11/1954 which shows the horizon to be an optical illusion. Dr. Fritz Neugass comments, quote:

"A new Tele-Objective of the US-Army"

The optical research division of the US-Army Signal Corps has just issued a new camera, which is specially suited to take photos at a distance of 50 km (30 mi.).

The objective has a focal length of 254 cm (100 in.), it is 1 m long and has a diameter of 24.13 cm (9.5 in.), it has been corrected for using infra-red film.


Using this objective it is quite easy to analyze the terrain up to a distance of 10 to 20 km (6-12 mi.) and distinguish weapons, fortifications and transports. The disadvantage of such a teleobjective is the complete elimination of perspective.

The photo reproduced, shows the Empire State Building and the outlines of Manhattan at a distance of 41.8 km (26 mi.)

At the bottom of the Empire State Building a large hotel is visible on Coney Island, however, it is only 20.9 km (13 mi.) distant from the camera.

One could never tell from this photo that between these two buildings there is a distance of 21 km .

The lighthouse of Sandy Hook, in the foreground of the photo is only 6.4 km (4 mi.) distant from the camera.

The new teleobjective is coupled to a 13 x 18 cm camera which can either use film cassettes or rolls of film. Each roll of film contains 30 exposures, however, a built-in cutter can be used to cut off exposed parts of the film.

They can be lifted out with the take-up spool. The shortest distance to still produce a sharp photo with this teleobjective is 500 m (1 600 ft.) In this case the width of the photo covers 31 m (100 ft.) At a distance of 20 km (12 mi.), which is the last point before infinity, the section of the photo covers about 1 000 m (3300 ft.)

The telescope, which is used to focus the camera has a magnification of 10 and shows the exact frame of the photo to be taken. When adjusting for the proper distance, the heavy objective, which is firmly mounted on the tripod, is not moved, but instead one only moves the camera.

The device weighs about 64 kg (140 lb.) and must be operated by two men. The whole camera is carried, with two handles each on front and back, like a stretcher. The device can be set up, aimed and adjusted, all within 5 minutes. End of quote.

Studying the entire photograph we can determine the following:

[1] The camera is at the beach of Atlantic Highlands about 1m (39 in.) above ground level.

[2] The camera, as well as the telescope is directed upwards, which shows that the photo was not taken from any elevated point, and that any objects behind the horizon must be situated higher.

[3] An island being 6 km (4 mi.) distant is shown in its entirety (looking down on it). The sea inlet behind it, 14 km wide (9 mi.), as well as the wharves of the Coney Island harbor are shown without being covered.

[4] That is not all. The photo allows a view of the roofs of the harbor city behind it, optically includes the peninsula Brooklyn and another sea inlet and clearly shows the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

If this earth were a convex solid ball, and light rays would travel perfectly straight, all this should be 100 m (330 ft.) below the horizon.

In summary we can say: The horizon has nothing to do with the supposed spherical shape of the earth since it can be optically resolved.

If, however, opponents of the geocosmic world have the excuse that the light ray is bent around the convex, solid earth, we would be very happy to hear that statement made.

This would take away the basis for the Copernican world-view, the straight beam of light.

A forum poster (Apollo from godlikeproductions mentioned this: I did see something that would be of interest to you..

I saw the SKY open once, like a zipper, a ship fly thru it and it closed back up like it wasnt even there, It flew to whatever was other side of "the sky"

It was accompanied by a black hawk escort.

Now onto the good part of what I saw in the sky, Im not talking cloud, or trees or any other obstruction, it was clear night, and a brilliant flash of yellow light lit the area till the sky slowing started opening, (i was about to pee my pants btw)

And then it was off to the other side of the sky, Black hawk made sure the ship made it thru and then the opening closed back up..

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Ok, you get it now, right? Only at certain times when the angle of the sun is polarized juuuuuust right, a birefringent image of the sun appears in the sky. Ok, now stop believing stupid stuff like we actually have another sun, thank you.

The shifting of projection planes during a “quadruple rainbow” are a result of the sunlight (being filtered through the birefringent glass sky) casting both top and bottom surfaces of the glass sky at the specific polarizing angle to project both the ordinary (main) and the extraordinary (faint, shifted) rainbows. Two bows (top and bottom of glass surface) each. Simple Stevie...

Ordinary Bow (Top Surface of Glass Sky)

Ordinary Bow (Bottom Surface of Glass Sky)

Extraordinary Bow (Top Surface of Glass Sky)

Extraordinary Bow (Bottom Surface of Glass Sky)

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Quadruple Rainbows...

Comet’s Tail...

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