On the Origin of Ice Chunks....

Do You Believe in NASAnta Claus?

Earth is MY House.

This is a simulation of my Vision I had of the Back of the Sun!

If you ever read Plato’s Cave, you may understand the analogy of what happened when one of the chained men was released from his dungeon of seeing only shadows on a wall and viewed the real vivid world outside the cave.


Spring 2003:

The white object is the moon, I was in a raft swaying on peaceful water above the firmament of heaven, I looked down and saw the sun, but it was dark, except for a white ring of light and a series of parallel light rays hitting the diameter of it. The sun appeared flat, and as the moon  moved behind it, the sun and moon made a total eclipse.


The vision was so real. It wasn't a dream. It was just like experiencing normal life.

I am The Illumined One. I Saw the Back of the Sun.

In a similar aspect I was carried up into the heavens during a vivid, real vision and I saw the dark/back side of the sun. The scientists would laugh and scoff at such a concept, they would tell you that the sun rotates and is spherical based on their limited view of it from the front, if indeed SOHO is distributing accurate pictures in the first place. Like the dark souls that remained chained in the cave, they will compete first highest honors amongst themselves in who can postulate the greatest knowledge, never realizing that their perception is utterly skewed.


Please watch this and become “illuminated”...

Plato’s Cave Analogy in Reverse...

Do You Think Steven Tyler Knew We Live On the Edge IN the Earth?

And who is the Chicken Little telling you the sky is falling? Hmmm....

Recap on Cell Earth/Glass Sky

Homer Hits the Glass Sky! HAHAHA

Step Up and Have VISION!

Carol Rosin, former 6th grade school teacher, a woman that Werhner von Braun apparently confided in prior to his death, related how Werhner warned her of what the secret government would do in weaponry in “outer” space. I personally think ole’ Werhner was just feeding poor Carol a “school” of red herrings because I highly doubt he would give top secret Nazi information to a grade school teacher.

Laughing - out - Loud!

I wonder if he told Carol about the glass sky and inverted earth....hmmm, I doubt that. Carol now heads up the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space as an extention of the silly goose chase ole Werhner enticed her with.

Poor lady.

2001 Space Odyssey - Stanley Kubrick’s glass obfuscation.

Yeah the analyst(s) totally missed this one.

The glass is a metaphor for obfuscation and keeps Dave in the dark.

Notice the glass covers his eyes while in the space suit, notice also the yellow and blue hues in the reflection of the glass.

Anyway, the glass hold the wine, which is the alcohol that keeps humankind in drunken stupor. They can't see correctly.

Notice he sips the wine from the glass (still in a drunken state) at the table.

However, when he knocks over the glass and it shatters, so too does his veiled, drunken understanding.

He becomes aware, he squints and realizes the true form of the universe, with a glass sky.

Now he can die in peace knowing the truth, as he regresses back to the embryonic aware state.

Alas the black wall keeps the viewer in the dark....


Time to go back to the Womb, my people.


Love, Stevie.

A little obvious ole’ Wernher Von Braun (Operation Paperclip - founder of NASA) knew the sky was glass...

Before he died he requested this verse on his gravestone....


Psalm 19:1

“ The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. ”

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Steven Joseph Christopher

8/24/46 R.E.

Why Did Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper Leave NASA?

She says her experience was “something that you’ve never seen before, and when I finally got to go out the door, that was something different too...” (Link to this audio) Then her voice starts to tremble and she collapses. Her colleages surround to pick her up, and she tries again to talk and then faints again! There is FEAR and SHOCK on her face! Look at her, she’s trembling.

She became aware of the inverted earth and the glass sky while in space. She was instantly and shockingly introduced to this reality, and her conscience could not cope with towing the line of concealment which included lying to the public.

She wanted out of NASA, but she didn’t want to die for exposing the truth. They told her they would let her leave but they needed a good reason to sell to the public. So she agreed to go along with the story that she lost her tool bag in space on the next mission. This “blunder” would embarrass her, but save her life. So she accepted the stunt and agreed to play along with it. They told her that she could leave in 2009 and join the Navy, which she did.



Some of you may remember Heidemarie’s famous, or infamous collapse after returning from her Atlantis space shuttle mission back in 2006...

Heidimarie, this is my request and message to you: Step out of the darkness and realize that there is nothing to fear anymore. I am the Messiah, and you will be exalted in my kingdom if you affirm me and what I say is true about my Earth. ...Inverted, Glass Sky, Stationary Earth that houses the complete minute universe.

There is nothing left to fear. You can trust me too, I’m half Ukrainian. :)


(Ok, so I got that date wrong, Glass andI ce are still there)

NASA Flat Earth "Whistleblower" Shill

(Comments from this video)

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"Double Sun" Shows that there's Birefringent Glass in the Sky


Carrying On with the Torch of the Great Cyrus Teed (Koresh)

On the German Concave Earthers (Helmut Diehl, Rolfe Keppler, Philip Mikas, etc)

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