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ENTER: The Wild Heretic!

Finally, after years of solely carrying the weight (and the ridicule) of explaining to the world the truth about the glass sky, along comes The Wild Heretic, a person of exceptional perspicacity in things scientific, and who corroborates my premise of the glass ceiling to the sky at 100km, the inverted stationary Earth and the sun being a direct light. Albeit a few misunderstandings, like how the stars are blocked from the sky in the daytime due to the fluctuating translucent crystalline formation of the ice attached to the glass, and considering the moon and planets optical illusions, the Wild Heretic provides excellent detail I, quite frankly, was too lazy to research.

The Wild Heretic uses witty humor along with the scientifically sound evidence presented. I am so glad this is now beginning to hit home to people. I am excited to see what research he does next. Perhaps the megacryometeors need a little more attention. ;)

LSC: DESTROYING the Hovind Theory with Justin(DebunkingSNC)

Ut-oh, Now my Faults with the Wild Heretic.

Every human being has an ego that needs to capitulate to mine (the Lord’s Ego). This is not unlike the Wild Heretic’s as well. In his initial article entitled Where are the Stars? He presents a seemingly convincing argument for the apparent non-existence of stars from altitudes higher than 30 km. Where are they? Why do they seem to disappear when one ascends higher up into the atmosphere? No stars from high altitude balloon rides, no stars from high altitude airplanes, non from NASA’s ss space photographs.


Because of the lack of visual proof from imagery at these altitudes, he concludes that the stars are some kind of visual phenomena that are located merely up to 8km in altitude!

Totalrecall(wild Heretic) says:

October 13, 2013 at 10:52 pm

That’s where we differ Steve. The altitude of stars is an open book for me right now. I like your theory on the stars being sonoluminescence. This would mean that it would be the constant ultrasound source reacting with the water vapor in the atmosphere which would only put stars no higher than 8 km. (Emphasis mine)

After I initially presented him with my video (below) explaining that there is a layer of ice connected to the glass sky, which he has yet to acknowledge, which transforms daily from a translucent crystalline state during the daytime to a transparent amorphous state during the nighttime, thereby blocking out a lot of light during the daytime preventing one from seeing stars (during the daytime), he had not confirmed or refuted.

I then went back to further absorb his article on the stars and noticed that he presented some footage of high altitude shots where the vehicles were launched at nighttime, when one “should” see stars if the transparent ice was allowing the light through. So, I thought about it a little more and realize that there was one very important element he was omitting from his article, namely the luminiferous ether....

Lord Steven Christ says:

October 13, 2013 at 9:49 pm

The stars are up there, I am convinced. The problem with observing them at higher altitudes is not only the ice, which I described in my video, being attached to the glass sky and transforming from a translucent crystalline state to tranparent amorphous state daily, but also the amount of luminiferous ether (or lack thereof) at higher altitudes, which must somehow prevent the observers from seeing fainter lights such as stars being not immersed in the higher concentration of the ether at ground level.


Hence the high concentration of luminiferous ether allows a visual boost of the heavens at ground level, and the gradual taper off of the ether at high altitudes prevents the fainter lights such as stars from being observed.


best regards, “Tiger”.

Lord Steven Christ says:

October 14, 2013 at 12:15 am

Well glad you are open to the possibilities of the visual enhancements that the (*luminiferous) ether may possess, since it was not mentioned at all in this article until I brought it up. I would like to think of it as a medium that ENHANCES optics similar to a filter that allows one to see further up into the sky. Keep it mind, TR.


Totalrecall says:

October 14, 2013 at 6:07 pm

Will do. I’m open to all ideas, but I either have to stumble upon them myself or be presented with evidence to sway me (emphasis mine) if you know what I mean.

His reply....

Totalrecall says:

October 13, 2013 at 10:52 pm

That’s where we differ Steve. The altitude of stars is an open book for me right now. I like your theory on the stars being sonoluminescence. This would mean that it would be the constant ultrasound source reacting with the water vapor in the atmosphere which would only put stars no higher than 8 km.


“Water vapor is almost totally absent above about 8 km.”




Unless of course the stars are formed in the ice..


It’s an open book. (emphasis mine)

Since this was his first article on his site, I tend to think due to ego, he has a hard time capitulating to the fact that the stars are really high up in the celestial sphere and are merely not capable of being seen once one ascends higher up into the atmosphere where there is a considerably less concentration of the luminiferous ether thus preventing one’s vision from being enhanced enough to see the faint light. This is also why we can’t see the ice and glass as well, the lack of luminiferous ether prevents our eyes from seeing it.


For the record the Wild Heretic does not believe that I am the Reincarnated Christ, as far as I know, there has been no documented writings of his in favor of this view. On the contrary he has belittled scripture, and accused me of having a very large ego. (This I do admit, but I do not consider it a fault, like humans would, and like I would appropriate to them.)


The Wild Heretic is not the “authority” on the concave Earth/Glass Sky theory, as much as he would like you to think he is. This does not mean that I cannot appreciate his efforts to help people understand it. But him and I do differ foundationally.

My efforts have a teleological reason. To prepare people for my kingdom, for the destruction that awaits, to subvert all of humanity under me. There are other concave Earthers who also present evidence but not for my glory, for their own. All these people will eventually have to submit to me.


One indication I noticed in these presenters is that they fail to reveal their identity. Going as screen names can only achieve quasi-credibility at best.


So, in Wild Heretic’s words, the book is open, on whether he will be wise enough to submit to me.



God Shall Do His "Strange Work" - Fulfillment of Isaiah 28:21

Lord Steven Christ Attacks ThunderF00t

Well Lookie Here, The Glass Sky moves 0.114 mph...

Now back to affirming Wild Heretic’s valued views... :)

Google (Earth) Glass FTW, lol. Yea, you can bet Google got those nice pictures of the ground from the Glass. :)

November 13, 2013(47 R.E.)

Nina from Toronto asks...


Dear Steve,


If your and Cyrus Teed's model of the inverted Earth is right, it would explain so much. It would explain megacryometeors, and tektites, and rainbows, and why we see the same face of the moon all the time and never its "dark side," and why the sun and the moon align perfectly during solar eclipses, and the meaning of that mysterious passage in Genesis about the waters below being divided from the waters above, which perplexed me and always stuck out in my mind ever since I read it, and many other Biblical passages, and DUMBs, and seed vaults, and why so-called "chemtrails" are being sprayed all over the world, and periodic ice ages, and the Tamarack mine shaft plumb bob experiments, and why Tesla's insisted that there is an ether and that gravity is not a force pulling us from below but something pushing us from above, and why Einstein tried to delude the world into believing it is not so, and the electromagnetic nature of our atmosphere, and why our sky looks dark at night, and what the holy scriptures really are (a way of preserving the truth for the "elect" for ages while hiding it from the eyes of the masses), and why people have often been asked to swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth in court on the Bible (not because that's some silly custom left over from more superstitious days - but because the Bible may be telling us far more truth than the theories of such supposed "scientists" as Einstein and Hawking ever did). Yes, this model would explain a great deal, and that is why I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying to make the world aware of this logical model I had never even heard of before.


I began to doubt the official heliocentric solar system theory, which many people mistake for a scientifically proven "fact," not too long ago. I, too, for the longest time, believed it to be a proven fact. But then I heard one of my friends say, "Why should we call the sunrise sunrise? I thought we grew out of the idea that the sun rises?" Then it suddenly struck me... Wait a minute! Why should we not call the sunrise sunrise? How do we know that the sun does not move across our sky? I don't know that. I've merely blindly believed it all my life because everyone else around me did and said that it was true. But I've never seen the Earth from space myself to check whether what we've all been told all our lives is true is actually true or perhaps one of the biggest lies the world was ever told.


That's when I began to listen to what people who share my doubts have to say. That's when I realized that those NASA videos of a "globe" are a lie, indeed, just as I instinctively suspected. That's also when I began to hear out the arguments of the flat-earth theorist and your own arguments, as well. But I have so many questions now. I'm hoping that you could plead give me some logical explanations for the following things. That would convince me even more that your inverted Earth model is more than just a logical theory, which certainly makes a lot more sense than NASA's bogus theory imposed upon nearly all of humanity as fact does - that your view may actually be THE TRUTH.


Here are my questions for now. Thank you in advance for any and all answers.


1) How does the inverted Earth model explain what lava is and why volcanoes Erupt?

The pressure is great beneath the basalt/granite continental/oceanic crust, because "gravity" is pushing down, the liquified lava seeks a direction of least resistance (up), and since there is less pressure at higher altitude it erupts at the peaks of mountains. For down is metal and very dense (moho) (See my seismic waves video)

2) How does it explain tornadoes, typhoons, monsoons, hurricanes and winds in general?

The whirling aether is constantly moving about, as if within a bowl, so it swirls, combating temperatures and directions cause extreme spiral activity, tsumanis makes more sense in this true form of earth - water displacement in a bowl.

3) How does it explain lightning, not only sprites, but also the lightning lower in our atmosphere? I didn't totally understand the lightning part.

Ionoic activity in the atmosphere, the glass sky helps facilitate lightning as well, especially "ball lightning".

4) How does it explain HAARP? What are HAARP and other devices like it doing?

Probably providing radio wave propagation to help cool the ice/glass sky to ultimate provide a stop-gap to hold up the sky (like Atlas). I know they say HAARP supposedly warms up the ionosphere, but my gut says it's a way to neutralize all the man-made heat that can cause a premature melting and break-up of the ice mantle.

5) How does it explain the many "cell phone towers" or Gwen towers hidden in trees, cactuses, church towers and flagpoles (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceN5ZKYq-0k)?

I don't think that is intentional inconspicuousness, just an attempt to make the towers more aesthetically pleasing.

6) How us it explain the phenomenon of UFOs and flying saucers many people have been seeing around the world? Are these manmade and what are they for?

Yes, man-made by governments, for whatever purposes, disinformation, red-herrings, boost sci-fi market, research & development. Same with crop circles, all man-made.

7) How does it explain the so-called Morgellon's fibres which seem to be in all of us and the Morgellon's disease which seems to be appearing in some people? (Just do the red wine test for Morgellons fibres ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usp962NKLbo (Preview) ) or the organic red grape/raisin juice test for it (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfUlXX-Nsq8 ), and you'll see that these fibres are probably in you, too. What are these Morgellon's fibres which seem to be neither of animal nor plant nor microbial origin ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5ridMz3PN4 (Preview) )?

Sadly, I've known a woman who had an extreme case of Morgellon's. From the government's perspective they probably view it as side effect that does not outweigh the greater good to spray the skies. Whatever that greater good is...to keep the ice cool from man-made heat, to provide a chemical canvas to announce the Messiah to the world by project his "sign in heaven". Life expectancy is still rising and the Kingdom will commence.

8) How does it explain how pilots fly from one continent to another without realizing they're flying in an inverted Earth? In an inverted Earth, wouldn't they have to pull their throttle back all the time to adjust their hight or could they still fly in straight lines over long distances or how must they be flying without even realizing the whole deception?

It much easier to ascend in altitude in a concave earth, if you've ever been in an airplane you may have noticed that it doesn't take much ascending thrust to reach high altitudes. They, for the most part, can simply cruise to reach say 30,00 feet, after an in initial thrust upward. If they really were hovering over a convex sphere, they would have to keep the plane inclined constantly, and burn a whole lot more fuel.

9) I don't fully understand barometric pressure or the ether? Could you please explain them to me in more detail? I believe it could very well be right, but I just don't understand what barometric pressure means exactly in this model of the Earth nor in the official one - how does the concept of barometric pressure differ between the two models?

Barometric pressure and aetheric pressure are essentially the same thing. Did you watch this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kd4VHcFY1Vg

10) How does your model relate to Tesla's discoveries? How could he pull electrical energy out of this ether, which I still don't completely understand and light up light bulbs wirelessly? How do you explain his tower experiment which seemed to burn up that forest in Russia from a very long distance? Which of Tesla's discoveries do you think have been suppressed, never taught to students in schools, left out of textbooks and why?

Tesla's knowledge on this is more than mine. But obviously he tapped into the electromagnetivity that permeates the aether and found the right frequencies to transmit it. Maybe I'll study him more in the future. The Tesla Tower I'm sure would have liberated many peoples dependency on money. J. P.  Morgan couldn't go for that tho.

11) How do you explain how the pyramids were built and why were they built in the first place?

I go with the "poured" theory, as in pouring cement into forms.  The popular incredulous theories of carving and hauling generate more romance, mystery and of course, money. Joe Parr discovered energy bubbles around his pyramids, so there is energy, and the ancients must have had knowledge of the energy of the pyramids, probably seeing a posteriori views of the main central celestial pyramid before they fell, attempting to bring heaven to earth, probably, aligning with Orion, which, along with all the other stars are on the celestial energy bubble and, seems to be a magnetic portal TO heaven, thus connecting magnetically earth's pyramid(s) to heaven's pyramid up in the middle of earth.

12) Is the shape of the pyramids that are all over the world a symbol of the light-emitting octahedron in the innermost sphere? What do you think was the purpose of the pyramids?

Yes, see above.

13) Is the pyramid with the shining cap on the US one-dollar bill a symbol of this light-emitting octahedron, too? Is the symbol of the Freemasons - the square or compass with the letter G in the middle of the diamond shape - a symbol of it, too? Does the G stand for God or Generator?

Yes. The G? Maybe God. But I think Goal. Or, both. As in to achieve God.

14) What is the "all-seeing eye" or the eye of Horus on the shining cap on the US $1-dollar bill a symbol of?

Being illuminated into the knowledge of "seeing" the true hidden pyramid up in the earth, which  is covered by dark waters (Celestial Ocean) and thick clouds (Nebulae) (Ps 18)

15) Very important for me to understand: Where's the ice in these videos taken above the greenish reflecting glass firmament:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV_MO8uTsHc . I've seen the megacryometeors are white in news reports. But how come I don't see a layer of white or at least hazy ice or at least chunks of such ice attached to this greenish glass firmament that would at least somewhat obscure the Earth below - make it hazier, harder to see? How come this layer seems perfectly transparent and the Earth below perfectly clear to see? How come I don't even see any yellowish discolouration from the yellow glass?

16) In the same video in which you point to the greenish reflecting glass layer ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV_MO8uTsHc (Preview) ) what kind of medium is NASA flying in? They are recording things from above the glass ceiling, right? But are they in some kind of liquid (e.g. water) or some kind of gaseous mixture? Are they in the same space in which the sun, mon and planets are? What kind of medium is this? Gaseous like our atmosphere or liquid?

Have you seen this video? "Why we only see stars at night"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke_XxkJ54Gg (Preview)  I explain how the ice mantle fluctuates from a translucent crystalline form in the day to a transparent amorphous form at night. Yes most megacryometeors are translucent because most fall in the daytime while it's warmer. But there are reports of transparent ice that has fallen in the past. "In 1849, a block of ice that was estimated to weigh a half a ton fell on the Balvullich farm in Ord, Scotland. It measured about 20 feet in diameter. Observers said it was crystal clear, although made up of many cubes and diamond-shaped hunks of ice that seemed to be fused together." http://perdurabo10.tripod.com/id345.html

As far as whether NASA filmed that wide-angle footage above or below the glass, I have yet to conclude, But since it is filmed at night, the ice would be transparent amorphous. In liquid? gas? - don't know. If above the glass sky, they are in inner space, which facilitates the sun, moon and planets. There is speculation that this field is permeated with plasma, but not the liquid type of plasma. I tend to think it's fairly vacuous. There is also a very low concentration of the luminferous aether at glass level, which allows the glass/ice ceiling to be invisible as light travels right through it, hiding it's yellow color as well. The greenish glow is probably a result of a certain wave frequency picked up with tinkering on their part.

17) Why do astronauts seem to be floating and drifting in this same medium? Is this medium denser than our atmosphere or less dense?

A lot, if not all "space walks" are done in deep swimming pools. You can't trust them as far as you can throw them, and not in water. :P

18) Can you tell me anything about the nature of water? Some naturalists such as Viktor Schauberger claimed that water is a living substance and that it can regenerate its own self, that water can make more water. Is that true? Can it also cleanse its own self when it is polluted? I know water is one our most healing medicines, that it is a far better medicine and cleanser for us than any of the toxic, manmade, pharmaceutical so-called "medicines." So why is water so special? Why do all living things on this Earth seem to be made up largely of water? Is there some kind of life energy in it? Is the water in the innermost sphere the same kind of water as the water on our Earth? Does water contain the same kind of life-giving Energy that sunlight does?

Water is generated from the center of earth, a product of the central pyramid. In a vision back in 2003, I was floating on a raft in the celestial ocean. The water was of the most crystalline purity you could imagine and the experience was the most tranquil peaceful experience you could imagine as well. Water was there before light (Genesis 1:1). I haven't studied much else on the subject of water however.

19) Why does the sky seem blue to us during the hours of daylight on clear days?

I believe there is a color inversion that takes place when the additive sunlight causes the yellow sky to invert in color. See video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avHUsuPZSpI

20) What is fire? Is the fire we spark on Earth related in any way to the fiery-seeming sun or that light or energy that is within the sun?

The sun is not a sphere. It has a back, dark, FLAT side to it. It's more like the shape of a hollow kettle drum. Hence, it is a directional light. This I saw while in my celestial ocean vision as the back of the sun was eclipsing the bright full back side of the moon.

But as far as fire goes here on earth at least, the extraction of aether is the main vehicle for it.  So heat/fire rises up, and conversely the aether pushes down. So a flame of fire is a heated vacuum pocket in the aether.

21) Do we always see only one and the same face of the sun, as we always do see only one and the same face of the moon and never its "dark side," or do the faces of the sun change as we progress through the year? If they change, if we appear to be seeing different faces of the sun, is it because the sun is spinning round and round on its own axis, because the sun is spherical, or is the sun flat or disklike and only seemingly changing its faces, as when a person smiles or frowns, but always really showing us the same face as time goes by?

See above, the sun is like a flat hollow kettle drum, and yes we only see the convex front side, never the back flat side, well, never unless you've been to where I've been. The sunspots do not indicate rotation, but merely frames of the sun from different arrayed cameras mounted at different locations strategically synchronized throughout the concave earth. You should notice they never show the same sunspot returning again to make a new "revolution".


Thank you for your questions,Nina. They actually made me think and come to some conclusions I would not have pondered. :)


with love, Steven



I don't think people should be ridiculing you. I think they should be asking you questions so they can understand things better. It is a dangerous thing for people to ridicule views that are contrary to popular beliefs, because often those unpopular views turn out to be correct and the popular ones incorrect. I don't think people should ever laugh at something they don't understand but try to understand it better. Often times, throughout history, single individuals were right about things almost no one around them believed them about. The vast majority of people is so brainwashed, so thoughtless, so dependent on the powers that be to tell them what to think, so credulous and trusting that it often ends up believing lies are truth and that truths are lies. This inability to discern between truth and lies is one of the greatest downfalls of humanity. Even in the story of Adam and Eve, the first human beings believe the liar and do not believe the truth-sayer. That is their downfall. That is the reason they are punished and forced into a lifetime of toil and servitude. They are punished for their credulity, and so it will be with the rest of humanity. Thank you so much for challenging us to think about what we are told is truth or not more deeply. Thank you, in advance, if you could please answer in some detail any of my questions.


Kind regards,




Toronto, Canada

The Polish Concave Earthers led by “ka rol” and His Skycentrism....

Back in September I received a youtube message from ka rol, who told me that there were 70,000 Polish people talking about the concave Earth in a forum he pointed me to. Knowing these figures are highly exaggerated, and the fact that he and others on this forum has taken and used my artwork without the courtesy of asking or giving credit in a positive light (they think I am evil and am of the devil), I realized that pride was an obstacle inhibiting him and his Pole friends from acknowleding me as the returned Christ.


Obviously I am glad my information and the information others bring to the light on the concave Earth/Glass/Ice sky is being disseminated, but of course I am offended, disrespected and insulted I, Christ, am censured as some nefarious force.


However he does provide good information in his videos, but they are in Polish, so I decided to read the English subtitles while adding my commentary as well....

Public Admonition to “ka rol”...

Ka rol messaged me with a question on the stars (Nov 16, 47 R.E.)..


Question about planets

Hi !


Do planets circulate around the core of Universe ? If so why would we see them through glass sky when stars are just projections ? I mean if we see Saturn and its ring through telescope then why are the stars just projections on Karman's line ?

Sent to: Lord Steven Christ


My response...

Re:Question about planets

who is of the devil? one who draws pretty pictures of women with beautiful sacred geometric shapes, or one who steals artwork from one's website and does not ask or give credit?




I am Christ.


stars are not at karman level, they are higher at celestial sphere level, about 2,000 miles. higher than the sun, moon and planets.


they are NOT projections either, they are made by sonoluminescence in the celestial ocean that is on the inside of the celestial sphere.

I was there in a vision. I saw it.


they become invisible at high altitudes because ther is a less concentration of aether at high altitude. The aether at ground level is a medium that allows us to see the stars. but if we go up higher, there is very little aether, no medium to become illuminted. (luminiferous).


That is why we cannot see the ICE and glass sky. It is hidden in darkness due to lack of aether.


Job 38:29

Out of whose womb came the ICE? and the hoary frost of heaven, who hath gendered it?

Job 38:30

The waters are HID as with a stone, and the face of the deep is frozen.


You need to be more concerned about the ICE that will all fall down (megacryometoers) when the sun stops. like it stopped 3,500 years ago. (Joshua 10) when it stopped large hailstones fell to the ground.


When the sun stops again, that is Judgment Day.


The Earth will be devastated as all the ice falls down, and then the sun burns up the Earth.


You need to find your local Polish Deep Underground Military Base, get Sealed with my Seal of the Living God, and go under for protection.


I am uploading your video with english translation, and pointing out your neglect in crediting me.


Be blessed with understanding and humble yourself.

And do not call good evil.

Sent to: ka rol

NASA DOPE Detox Meeting 1

NASA’s “ATS” (APPLY-TO-SKY) Satellites

On December 7, 1996, NASA offically launch the first “geostationary” satellite that had the “advanced” capability of aligning it’s orbit to earth’s.However, there’s one little detail they failed to mention about their orbits....There aren’t any!  That’s right, folks, good old NASA used their DOPE tofool the public into thinking they could actually regulate with extreme precision the supposed “synchronization” between the supposed rotatingearth with their big steel garbage drum known as a satellite.

Cleverly calling it “Applications Technology Satellites”, they merely created a big video camera and “applied” it to the glass sky at 100km high.You see folks, not only does the earth not spin, but we are living on the inside (concave) surface (Concave Earth Theory) and also, there is a literal,tangible GLASS sky above us. (google Lord Steven Christ).  The “SAT” sat on the sky operating for 12 years and drifted westward 12,000, hence weknow the velocity of the glass sky - 0.114 mph!  Because light bends on a curve within the earth, the field of view enhances exponentially at relativelylow altitude, the sat cam is easily capable of filming the entire hemisphere from a mere 100km.

Today there are thousands of cameras mounted to the glass sky, used for surveillance, google earth, and weather monitoring.

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Audio Article of Wild Heretic’s “Heliocentric Theory is Wrong”...

He also has an incorrect interpretation of the sun, which he believes is very close to the center of the earth, receiving its power from openings in the poles, thus neglecting the central celestial pyramid (the foundations of earth mentioned in Job 38). I did admonish him on this point, where he needs to acknowledge the Lord and lean not on his own understanding. Scripture gives accurate accounts of the heavens and can be easily understood if one’s heart is in the right place, free from ego.

(Video mentioned in discussion)

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