My Peremptory Mandate of Attendance to Mr. Joseph Ratzinger, the man more commonly known as “Benedict XVI”.

    Obviously to you, I do not address you with the honorable title of “Pope”.  If only you were an ignorant man perhaps you wouldn’t interpret the lack of support and acknowledgement from your cardinals who refuse to shake your hand, let alone kiss it, as a sign of cognition that you have been superceded as the “Vicar of Christ”.  I don’t know you personally yet, I don’t know what secret sins you have hidden away beneath your mantle, but one thing I do know is that there is no longer the need for a man to uphold this position claiming to have Christ living vicariously in him and self-proclaiming to authoritatively act on his part.  I do not fault you for the ignorance that Christ has returned, for it has only been a mere five years or so that I myself had become aware of this fact.  However, now that I tell you that I am Christ and have returned in a reincarnated body, you no longer are ignorant and must make the decision whether to believe me or not to, within a reasonable time period - in 11 days by November 24, 45 R.E. (2011).

    My Kingdom will commence on schedule with or without your support, and since I grew up within the religious structure of the Roman Catholic Church, I am well suited to annihilate some of it’s erroneous teachings.  The so-called “miracle” of the Eucharist for example was divinely crafted in its conception as a ruse to retain a large majority of the masses in religious remembrance of my sacrificial offering on the cross in my prior corporeal frame.  This is more a Sacrament of Remembrance more than a Sacrament of the Eucharist.  This is no more a miracle than fatuously believing the expression “you are what you eat” is.  Now that I have returned, the Eucharist aspect of the communion ceremony, as well as it’s teaching is defunct, and you should no longer perform it with the notion that I am still dead, for by doing so you proclaim my Death and deny my Return and I am no longer dead, but Alive and here (1 Cor. 11:26).  Obviously I cannot be in every church at one time, so in performing the communion ceremony you may use the terms as Christ is present “in Spirit” but not in body, but you are forbidden to practice any form of ceremonial implications that there is a “miracle” of my body imbued into the host. That is simply a lie, and would discredit my return.

    For that matter, there are many ruses I’ve used over the past two millenia in order to build a cohesiveness in the myriads of my followers.  For instance the well-known concept of me returning from the heavens was ultimately devised to retain church cohesiveness for nearly 2,000 years.  I didn’t want some heretic, even though many have come regardless, showing up and telling you that he was me.  Of course, you may ponder that I too am one of these heretics, but I am confident wisdom will be justified in her children.  For the fact of the matter is that my body never ascended to heaven in the first place.  I survived the sufferings on the cross.  I did not die on it.  I ventured into Kashmir in India and proceeded to live out the rest of my life in peaceful harmony with my Jewish people.  I was buried in Srinagar, my tomb is there, hence the remains of my prior corporeal frame are there as well.  I presume you had knowledge of this, however I will not punish you too severely, because the time to disclose it to the world had not come yet and it would have shattered people’s faith and caused dissension and division.  But the time to disclose it and confirm my words as accurate concerning it is here.  Therefore you mustn’t deny it.  For if you do, you too will be punished severely.

    Next I wish to address the topic of child molestation perpetrated by some of my priests in the Catholic Church, perhaps even you, Joseph.  It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.  That said, you priests may now begin to rattle in your shoes.  My Kingdom holds the children as the dearest possession.  If you think you will escape my judgement by performing a few acts of penance, and then proceeding to do the same disgusting sexually deviant acts all over again, you are most certainly foolishly in denial.  I want a thorough and detailed list of every priest who committed any sort of sexual molestation upon any child, woman or man.  If you hold back on listing even one perpetrator, I will punish you severely.

    Since I am currently restrained from traveling abroad, I demand your presence at 11 a.m. on this November 24, here in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  I hold you accountable for your attendance.  All being it our initial meeting, I will not use austerity, I only wish to converse with you on an amicable and conciliatory temperament.  I suspect that you will ignore this letter, however, and that concerns me with your spiritual well-fare.

    Remember Joseph, I want to see you in 11 days.  See to it that you postpone or cancel your previous engagements.


Steven Joseph Christopher, formerly Steven Joseph Ciummo

- The Returned Christ.

Sunday, November 13, 45 R. E. (2011)

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My Peremptory Mandate of Calling for the Resignation of Mr. Joseph Ratzinger, as the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church

Dear Mr. Joseph Ratzinger,

    It is now over a month since I have written my letter to you (November 13, 45 R.E.) demanding your attendance here in Fountain Hills, Arizona on November 24, 45 R.E.  Because you have failed to show up, I have no choice but to demand your resignation as Pope effective immediately. I also have noticed that there is speculation of the frailty of your health. This should give you an indication confirming my demand for you to step down.  This is an order coming from Christ, Retire!

Saturday, December 17, 45 R. E. (2011)