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The sun receives its light from the north side of the central pyramid/octahedron.

The back of the sun is dark and flat and never seen from earth.

Light bends around to the other side.

The glass sky at 100 km enhances the light.

The moon is bowl-shaped and the concave sideis never seen from earth.

The moon does not rotate on an axis.

* When the moon passes above or below the Darkness Funnel it is full, when it passes through the Darkness Funnel it is eclipsed.  Lunar eclipses happen when the declination of the sun and moon are aligned.

The superior planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune circle around the celestial sphere behind the sun. When they are opposite the sun in the anti-solar illumination Zone, they go into retrograde and lower in altitude.

The inferior planets (Mercury and Venus) orbit both in front of and behind the sun. They go into retrograde when in front of the sun.

The celestial sphere rotates slightly faster than the sun (23 hr, 56 min, 4 sec). It contains the celestial ocean, which contains the stars which are produced by sonoluminescnce.

Perspective View of the Planets

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Jupiter is a 100ft Glass Ball in the Earth!


Venus is for Vengeance

The world leaders should acknowledge the Lord Steven Christ and the concave earth/glass sky reality as soon as possible, me thinks. Miss Teri looks pissed.


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